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In desperate times, Government-owned Cyprus Airport Services are reportedly facing liquidation with 137 employees at risk of losing their jobs. President of the GIFA Holding chain of companies, Yusuf Kisa, makes an offer to rescue the business.

CAS, providing air travel and cargo services, are in the midst of a critical financial crisis leading to the company’s possible closure. 137 employees are at risk of late payment and redundancy by the end of the month.

President of GIFA Holding, with numerous successful businesses to his name, has announced his offer to buy and revive the company in order to save the jobs of all its employees.

Yusuf Kisa has reportedly reviewed the unfortunate position of CAS and is willing to help. The entrepeneur has caught the attention of the media on several occasions in the past for his generous donations and sponsorships to various charities, organisations and aspirational individuals.

Representatives of CAS have yet to comment, however the matter is currently being discussed with Cypriot parliamentarians.


18 BILLION EUROS arranged in loans to the Middle East “will be DOUBLED this year”

GIFA Holding, the leading international broker company has impressed the Middle East with its financial services. Now the company is predicted to double last year’s jaw-dropping total by the end of the year.

In December 2017, GIFA’s accounting department recorded a staggering total of 18 billion euros, provided as loans to businesses in the Middle East. The company offers its financial services to countries across the globe, but its predominant clientele are based in the Middle East including Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

The renowned consultancy arranges loans starting from 5 million up to 4 billion euros.

In November last year, GIFA was praised for its financial success and joined the US Stock Exchange as the second Turkish company after Turkcell.

A statement by GIFA’s Press Consultant reads: “2017 was a great year for GIFA, and with every ounce of confidence, we can foresee a 200% increase of last year’s values by the end of 2018.

We’re excited to continue our business with the Middle East as it’s one of GIFA’s most important platforms.”


“AS WE WIN, EVERYONE WILL WIN”: GIFA’s plan to improve Turkish economy

GIFA Holding’s President, Yusuf Kisa, announced his mission of reviving the financial status of Northern Cyprus. Here’s how one entrepeneur can impact the economy of a country.

Facing an economic crisis and little recognition from the rest of the world, GIFA’s President Yusuf Kisa says he is taking action to stablise the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Owning over 20 multinational companies based in Cyprus, with more large projects on the way, Kisa says, “It is our duty, as a renowned name in the TRNC, to ensure GIFA remains active in our mission to improve the country’s economy.”

“This is not a change we can make overnight, but it will be a stepping stone towards a better and more prosperous future.”

Kisa states large companies in the TRNC have an upper hand in solving the country’s financial crisis. GIFA is said to be at the forefront of the movement.


AN INTEREST IN GIFA: Yusuf Kisa praised for his financial services to businesses across the Middle East

President of GIFA Holding, a leading international broker company, is credited for developing businesses across the Middle East through his financial loans. The company is on its way to topping last year’s total amount in loans – a staggering 18 million euros.

Arranging loans from 5 million up to 4 billion euros for companies seeking financial help, Yusuf Kisa’s brokerage firm, GIFA Holding, has become a roaring success, joining the US Stock Exchange last November.

Describing the success of 2017 as a mere “stepping-stone” to what’s to come in the future, the company has caught the attention of businessmen all across the Middle East.

Previously described as a “Financial Guru”, Yusuf Kisa’s services to countries such as Iran, Dubai and Qatar have not gone unnoticed, with more Middle Eastern businessmen added to his hefty database of clients each day.

GIFA’s Press Consultant comments, “Following such a successful year, you would think Mr. Yusuf would take some time off or slow down, but instead he is continuously working hard to make GIFA a sensation on the finance market.”

“Our number of clients have gone through the roof,” she continues, “but it’s fantastic because we know GIFA is ready to become bigger than ever.”

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