About Us




GIFA is a leading multinational chain of companies offering a full range of comprehensive products and services. Our wholly-owned subsidiary companies include GIFA Consulting, GIFA Tourism and Yeni Bakis newspaper. With plans to expand the GIFA name, projects such as GIFALAND theme park and a deluxe hotel and casino are underway.

It is our vocation to contribute towards the growth of our global economy by specializing in international business relations and by generating employment opportunities within our company.

With a team of qualified, trained and experienced specialists, we are entirely focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Services

At GIFA, we pride ourselves on employing a proactive approach with our clients, offering professional and dependable advice. We believe in the importance of having integrity, building valuable partnerships, and turning project plans into a feasible reality.

We are a pioneering firm working alongside a variety of international corporations. We offer our clients an executive service whether their requirements are business, leisure or travel related. With our completely tailored advice to suit individual demands, our clients receive an end-to-end service by one of our prudent team of advisors, focused solely on their specifications.

Our Achievements

GIFA is delighted to be constantly growing in size with an extending database of clients and a team of over 300 personnel. Our unmatched level of service and care, along with our passion for business and finance, has lead us to become the second Turkish company to enter the US Stock Exchange as of last year.

It is now our mission to tackle the global economic crisis by continuing to encourage regional economic integration and increase our employment opportunities under the GIFA empire.

Along with receiving a lot of recognition for our success in business, GIFA is renowned for giving back to the community. Visited by prominent names in politics and media, GIFA has been commended on its generous donations made to charities and fundraisers, and its sponsorship of athletes, organisations and events.

MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00am-6:00pm. SATURDAY 8:00am-3:30pm.